I will visit patients


One person at a time is permitted for a maximum of four (4) different people per 24 hours; we ask family members to coordinate their visits.
We recommend limiting the duration of the visit to one hour.

Visitors are only greeted through the main entrance to the ICM.
Patients hospitalized on care units with suspected COVID may receive visitors;

Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn before entering the room.

When you arrive at the ICM, you will need to:
• Respond to a Covid-19 screening questionnaire and your temperature will be taken;
• Perform hand hygiene when entering and leaving the hospital, as well as when entering and leaving your loved one's room;
• Wear a procedural mask at all times during the visit;
• Maintain a physical distance of at least two (2) meters (about 6 feet) at all times;
• Make your presence known as soon as you arrive at the care unit, at the nurses' station, before going to the room;
• Do not bring any objects or food from home; only essential personal effects are authorized such as underwear, toothbrush, prosthesis, glasses, hearing aid, etc;
• Stay in the room for the duration of the visit; do not walk around the hospital, go to the cafeteria or anywhere else in the hospital;
• Follow the instructions given by the staff, otherwise visitation rights may be revoked.

Companion persons: are not allowed.
Attendants are not allowed (clinic, research, emergency or examinations in diagnostic areas).

Hospitalized patients: You must make your presence known as soon as you arrive at the nursing unit in the care unit before going to a room. Click here to print the instructions for hospitalized patient visitors. (click here to print the instructions)

Emergency: Visitors are not allowed.
• Considering the many construction works currently underway at the ICM;
• Considering the fact that the emergency room is located in temporary facilities;
• Considering that the spaces available in the emergency room are small and cramped;

Surgical intensive care: Only one person at a time is allowed
• Only one person at a time is allowed, for a maximum of two (2) different people per 24 hours
• Visits begin the day after the operation;
• The maximum duration of the visit is 30 minutes per person; we ask you to refer to the nursing nurse to identify the best time for your loved one to visit;
• Visitors must announce their arrival to the clerk or assistant head nurse, in order to wait for the favorable time slot. The telephone number to reach before coming to the ICM is 514-376-3330 at extension 3365;
• We ask that you coordinate the visits and identify someone in your family who will be responsible for contacting the clerk or assistant head nurse to schedule the visits.
Palliative and end-of-life care (including patients receiving continuous palliative sedation and assisted dying): One to two people at a time.
• One to two people at a time, for a maximum of four (4) different people per 24 hours
• Significant people identified by the user are favored.

All of these guidelines can be modified in specific situations or for humanitarian reasons. If the number of visitors turns out to be too high, the ICM can also temporarily adjust access to visitors / companions, in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. The right to visit can be revoked without notice if the instructions in force are not respected. Everyone's safety is at stake. The ICM thanks you for your understanding and collaboration!