Quit smoking—your life depends on it!

Think of Your Heart chronicles by , January 6, 2014 - 14:30

According to the latest statistics, 10,400 people die every year in Québec from smoking related illnesses. Smoking plays a major role in the development, complication and deterioration of cardiovascular diseases.

In heart patients, smoking significantly increases the risk of having another cardiac event, and decreases the effectiveness of medications and treatments for heart disease by 50%.  

Continuing to smoke after a heart attack is a major risk factor for death. A patient who smokes within the first 10 days of a heart attack has a five-fold higher risk of dying.

Quitting smoking for good is the best decision patients can make to reinforce their treatment, slow the progression of their heart disease, and regain cardiovascular health. Their quality of life and life expectancy will also be increased.

Several smoking cessation programs and medications are available to help you quit. Consult your CLSC to find out what resources are available to you.

With the cooperation of Martine Robert, RN.

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