Technology Assessment (BETMIS)

The goal of BETMIS is to support and advise doctors, managers and health professionals in deciding whether to implement a new technology or bring about change in care practices or treatment models. 
With the help of the users concerned, this office studies the financial, technological, organizational and clinical impact of desired changes before they are implemented. BETMIS staff conduct a thorough and scientific analysis to understand the issues and submit a report of recommendations to clinicians and decision-makers. Evaluations are done in the following areas:

  • Medical equipment (e.g., thromboelastograph)
  • Biomedical instruments (e.g., HeartMate II®)
  • New clinical products (e.g., catheters, dressings, needles, blood collection tubes, everyday materials used in patient care but that have not been submitted for review or evaluated or that have not been used in an MHI research project)
  • Clinical care practices

On-going projects

  • Smart infusion pumps and a reduction in medication errors at the MHI
  • Treatment of mitral regurgitation with the MitraClip system in patients with a high surgical risk
  • The transition to safety needles in the MHI clinical sector
  • Optimization of central venous catheter care
  • Standardization of wound care at the MHI
  • Classification of clinical products at the MHI Supply Centre according to clinical impact

BETMIS reports

To obtain one or more BETMIS reports, please contact Luc Dubé, whose details are available on the "For more information" tab.

  • Use of short-term percutaneous ventricular assist devices at the MHI, Department of Surgery and Hemodynamics Service
  • Evaluation of thromboelastography to treat hemostatic disorders and manage blood transfusions during heart surgery (in collaboration with the Department of Anesthesiology)
  • Evaluation of emergency department targeted ultrasound (in collaboration with the Emergency Department) 
  • Thoratec HeartMate II – Destination Therapy (in collaboration with the Department of Surgery)
  • Clinical trial report on safety catheters
  • Implementation of a continual improvement process for new clinical products: QALY algorithm
  • Standardization of clinic furniture at the MHI
  • Standardization of clinical products at the J-A-T of the DN and DMC

For more information

Luc DubéAdriana Miclaus

BETMIS Executive Consultant
Office for the Assessment of Technology and Care Models (BETMIS)
Phone: 514-376-3330, extension 4013
Fax: 514-376-8088

Executive Consultant – Evaluation of Specialized Clinical Materials and Products
Montreal Heart Institute
Phone: 514-376-3330, extension 2782
Fax: 514-376-3611

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