The skinny on the Holidays and alcohol

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The Holidays are here and most of us will agree that nothing goes better with tasty food than a nice glass of wine. While it’s true that moderate amounts of alcohol can be good for your heart, alcohol also increases your risk of certain cancers. People with high blood pressure or elevated triglycerides especially need to keep an eye on their alcohol intake. And if you’re watching your weight, you should be aware that alcoholic beverages are laden with calories.

Did you know?
A 340-ml (12-oz.) bottle of beer and a 170-ml (6-oz.) glass of wine contain 147 and 140 calories, respectively. To burn off these calories, you’d need to walk for about 40 minutes or ride your bike for close to 30 minutes. So, the next time Uncle Bob offers you a drink, think twice!

Cut back on your alcohol intake
by drinking a glass of water between drinks,
or by using smaller glasses.

With the cooperation of Élise Latour, Nutritionist

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