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Jean-Louis Lévesque, an exceptional philanthropist

A major philanthropist who supported research at the Montreal Heart Institute for a quarter century.

In 1969, prominent Montreal businessman Jean-Louis Lévesque was impressed by Dr. David's accomplishments. To promote research in cardiology, Mr. Lévesque donated $1 million to the young institution. This unexpected philanthropic gesture forever changed the fate of the Montreal Heart Institute, which saw its research budget double overnight. From a man who settled for nothing less than excellence, this generous act was indeed great recognition of the quality of scientific work at the Institute, which went on to make research a main component of its mission. Jean-Louis Lévesque supported the Montreal Heart Institute for over 25 years. When he died in 1995, this important philanthropist donated $10 million to the institution.

The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, a key partner

Since 1977, the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation has been a key partner for the MHI. 

The mission of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) Foundation is to raise and administer funds to support research and technological development at the Montreal Heart Institute and help it attain a level of excellence that benefits all Quebeckers. The MHI Foundation plays an important role in seeking support from various partners. Its essential contribution allows the MHI to remain a leader in care, research and prevention in the field of heart disease. Since its creation in 1977, the MHI Foundation has given over $100 million to the Institute and it is one of Montréal's most active foundations.