Our history



From birth to growth of the Montreal Heart Institute

The MHI, a local success !

Already the largest cardiology centre in Canada in 1954, the Montreal Heart Institute continues today to make an impact locally, nationally and internationally.

When the Montreal Heart Institute was inaugurated in 1954, it occupied two floors of the Hôpital Maisonneuve , which had just opened its doors. With 42 beds, the Institute was the largest cardiology centre in the country. At the time, the medical team was made up of three cardiologists and two surgeons, and it was the first institution in Canada to combine all cardiology services under a single roof, an idea that went on to become common practice in many countries.

Twelve years later, the Montreal Heart Institute took up residence in a brand-new hospital at the corner of Bélanger Street and Viau Boulevard. In 1995, a new wing was added to meet the needs of the Research Centre, which has expanded over the years. With exceptional growth contributing to a local, national and international reputation in prevention, care, research and teaching, the MHI has never stopped improving its infrastructure.