Updating Patient Identification Records

July 9, 2019

The Montreal Heart Institute is responsible for validating, in collaboration with the RAMQ, the identification data contained in our patients records. This task aims at confirming that all data used to identify you is genuine. Furthermore, it facilitates the exchange of information between various computer systems within a given institution.
Identification Data
To accomplish this, Montreal Heart Institute will start by providing data to the RAMQ. In turn, the RAMQ will perform the necessary checks and return validated and, if necessary, updated data. While this operation does not include any clinical information, it focuses on the following:
• Last Name
• First Name
• Date of Birth
• Sex
• Address
• Health Insurance Number
• First and Last Names of Father and Mother
• Date of Death
Upon your next visit to a health facility, registration and admission personnel could verify this information.
Controlling the Exchange of Information
The collaborative effort between institutions and the RAMQ is fully compliant with the Health and Social Services Act as well as standards put forth by the Commission d’accès à l’information.
Personal records are strictly confidential. In order to enforce confidentiality policies prescribed by law, only appointed personnel is allowed to process data.

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