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Stress test


A stress test is a non-invasive exam (i.e., it does not require opening the patient) that increases patients' heart rates by making them walk on a treadmill while their cardiological parameters are recorded. Heart activity is recorded with self-adhesive electrodes attached to the patient to measure the body's cardiovascular response to exercise. 


30 minutes


For this visit:

  • Eat a light meal a few hours before the exam
  • Wear walking or running shoes
  • Bring a full and updated list of medications
  • Avoid applying body lotion before the exam 

A technologist, supervised by a cardiologist, monitors heart activity and blood pressure as the patient walks on a treadmill. A health questionnaire is also given so that staff can choose a protocol that is best suited to the patient's abilities. A qualified medical team is on-site to ensure patient safety.

Follow-up and side effects 

A cardiologist analyzes the stress test and sends the results to the requesting physician. 

Medical Electrophysiology Service (MES)