The Foundation



The team

To speak with one of our staff members, dial : 514 376-3330 followed by his or her extension.
Or dial 514 593-2525 / 1 877 518-2525 

Executive Direction

Jean-François Fortin
Executive Director (Interim)
Ext. 3057

Business Development, Direct Marketing

Guylaine Banville
Ext. 3346

Geneviève Aubé
Data Entry Agent
Ext. 3021

Anne-Marie Bessette
Database Agent
Ext. 3056

Sylvie Bonneville
Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2525

Kellie Ann MacDonald
Ext. 2068

Business Development, Events and Fundraising Projects

Elsa Desjardins
Ext. 3175

Véronique Bomal
Projects Lead 
Ext. 3239 

Marie-Josée Carroll
Projects Lead 
Ext. 2451 

Isabelle Rousseau (Maternity leave)
Ext. 2217

Dina Tazi
Projets coordinator
Ext. 4078

Business Development, Major and Planned Gifts

Josée Darche, MBA
Ext. 2205

Kim Bergeron, MBA
Lawyer, Principal Advisor
Ext. 2742

Julia Ethier-Deschamps
Lawyer, Advisor
Ext. 2673

Carole Gray
Donor Relations Agent
Ext. 3670

Charlotte Reboul
Ext. 4085

Communications and Marketing

Corinne Sévigny
Principal Director, Communications Marketing
Ext. 3055

Abraham Sebastian Aguilar
Marketing and Communications Advisor
Ext. 2641 

Isabelle Tremblay
Communications Officer
Ext. 3984

Finance and Administration

Jean-François Fortin,COA, CA
Ext. 3057

Michèle Boyer
Accounting and Human Resources Technician
Ext. 4006

Public Relations

Lise Plante, MBA
Director of Public relations
Ext. 3898 and 2670