Student Committee

Student seminar program

Presenting scientific data is very important in order to communicate research findings to a wider audience. Public presentations are also a central and essential part of scientists' careers at all levels. To help students develop their presentation skills, a student seminar program is always included as part of the MHI's scientific lecture series. Every Friday at noon, from September to June, students can present their work and preliminary or definitive results. The goal of this seminar program is to help MHI students hone their oral presentation skills in relation to their scientific work and findings. More specifically, students are trained in the art of public speaking on scientific subjects, and they are graded informally but constructively so that they can build on their skills while finding ways to improve their performance. Since the program is voluntary, students are not required to make a presentation.

Many incentives have been created to get as many students as possible to participate and to get the student population to attend this MHI event. Three Jacques-Landreville Awards (worth $500 each) are given to the best presentations of the year for each academic level (MSc, PhD, postdoctoral).

External guest speakers also come to share their knowledge with the MHI student community to broaden students' general knowledge. These activities are generally open to everyone. Even non-students are welcome, as their participation enhances everyone's experience.

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Research Day

The MHI Research Centre also encourages students to present their work to their colleagues at the annual Research Day.

Activities for everyone!

Many activities are available for employees, trainees, fellows and students. For people who like to move, sports activities such as volleyball, Zumba Fitness and spinning classes are held over the lunch hour. The MHI also encourages everyone to take part in activities such as the Montreal marathon and the 5/30 Health and Wellness Challenge. Other seasonal activities are also organized, such as outings to a sugar shack or La Ronde.