Ethics Committee

The Committee's role, mandate and authority

The Montreal Heart Institute has a three-fold mission of care, teaching and research.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Research Ethics and New Technology Development Committee (CÉRDNT) is responsible for evaluating and approving all research conducted with human subjects, human tissue, organic fluids or cadavers. It ensures adherence to ethical rules and sees to it that human subjects who agree to participate in research projects are protected in terms of their rights, safety and well-being. Its mandate is also to examine and review the ethical aspects of new technologies in their human applications. The Committee has the authority to suspend or stop a research project when it deems necessary.

The Committee is also responsible for approving and monitoring databases created for research purposes and for protecting people who assist in the Institute's research activities.

The CÉRDNT is also responsible for ensuring that researchers and all members of research teams show integrity and intellectual honesty in their research activities.

Finally, the Committee is responsible for promoting research ethics training among both CÉRDNT members and research teams.

The Committee's statutes and bylaws help advance quality research based on well-defined rules.

Members of the CÉRDNT

Expertise of the MHI's CÉRDNT

The Committee is designated by the Minister of Health and Social Services in accordance with section 21 of the Civil Code of Québec. As a result, it is authorized to approve research projects involving minors or adults declared incapable of giving consent as well as to approve research projects on people of full age.

Timetable of IRB and REC meetings and deadlines

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Resource people

Dr. Christian Ayoub
Chairman of the Research Ethics and New Technology Development Committee

Sylvie Lacroix
Research Ethics Advisor
514-376-3330, extension 2896

Philippe Bessette
Planning, Programming and Research Agent
514-376-3330, extension 3629

Fabiola Duré
Administrative Technician
514-376-3330, extension 3533