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  • Fish oil supplements have little effect on irregular heartbeat

    2014, October 14, 2014

    High doses of fish oil supplements, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, do not reduce atrial fibrillation, a common type of irregular heartbeat in which the heart can beat as fast as 150 beats a minute. The results of the AFFORD trial led by the Montreal Heart Institute were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on October 7th.

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  • The Montreal Heart Institute announces first use of miniature cardiac monitor, REVEAL LINQ™ ICM

    2014, May 13, 2014

    MONTRÉAL – May 13, 2014 – The Montreal Heart Institute today announced that it is the first hospital in Québec, and one of the first in Canada, to implant the Medtronic Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System in a patient, the smallest implantable cardiac monitoring device available in the world. This device allows doctors to continuously monitor the heart rate of patients presenting with falls, fainting (loss of consciousness or syncope) and even unexplained stroke.

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  • Identification of genetic mutations involved in human blood diseases

    2014, April 28, 2014

    A study published today in Nature Genetics has revealed mutations that could have a major impact on the future diagnosis and treatment of many human diseases. Through an international collaboration, researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) were able to identify a dozen mutations in the human genome that are involved in significant changes in complete blood counts and that explain the onset of sometimes severe biological disorders.

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  • The Montreal Heart Institute Honours its Builders

    2014, March 25, 2014

    On March 25, as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) honoured three of its builders: internationally renowned cardiologists Dr. Paul David, founder of the MHI, and Dr. Martial Bourassa, first director of the Research Centre, as well as Mr. J.-Louis Lévesque, philanthropist. The event was held at Maison Birks, a partner of the MHI's 60th anniversary celebrations.

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  • The Montreal Heart Institute will pilot #ARTERIA: a major research program for patients with or at risk of cardiovascular diseases

    2014, February 14, 2014

    In the presence of Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois, ministers Nicolas Marceau, Jean-François Lisée and Élaine Zakaïb, Montreal Mayor, Denis Coderre, and the representatives of international pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Director of the Research Centre of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) [...]

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  • Dr Stanley Nattel receives honorary doctorate from the University of Szeged in Hungary

    2013, November 26, 2013

    Dr. Stanley Nattel, clinical cardiologist and Director of the Electrophysiology Research Program at the Research Centre of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI), has received a prestigious Doctorem Honoris Causa from the University of Szeged in Hungary, one of the prominent medical schools of Europe.

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  • Heart valve repair or replacement: new findings will have a major impact on surgical practice

    2013, November 18, 2013

    A study published today in The New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013 marks a decisive step in the practice of heart surgery. A group of North American researchers compared two types of heart surgery to treat mitral valve failure, a very common heart defect that is estimated to affect approximately one out of five people over the age of 55. The study results seem to indicate that mitral valve replacement provides longer lasting protection than mitral valve repair.

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  • Cutting-edge genetic testing identifies inherited risk for enlarged heart

    2013, October 19, 2013

    A study presented today at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress has identified the genetic mutations that account for a significant proportion of cases of familial dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a disease affecting thousands of Canadians.

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  • Montreal combo plate cuts weight and health risks in obese individuals

    2013, October 18, 2013

    A lifestyle program focused on high-intensity interval training combined with nutritional counselling on the Mediterranean diet have shown dramatic results for improving the heart health of people with abdominal obesity, finds a study released at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

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  • Inauguration at the MHI - A leading-edge magnetic resonance centre

    2013, August 28, 2013

    On Thursday Auguest 22nd, the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) inaugurated its brand new Philippa and Marvin Carsley Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Centre, in honour of the loyal donors. Their generous contribution will allow the MHI to operate this equipment, positioning our hospital as one of the leading cardiology centres specialized in cardiovascular imaging.

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