A new platform makes telemedicine even more accessible

February 16, 2015

Reacts, a company led by cardiologist/intensivist Dr. Yanick Beaulieu at the MHI, has produced an innovative platform for telehealth and other applications. The system is capable of supporting multiple video streams, enabling healthcare professionals to see each other while performing various tasks. Hospitals throughout Quebec, as well as in New York, Europe and Asia have been testing the solution.

Dr. Beaulieu cardiologist/intensivist  at the MHI, has launched Reacts, a company that offers high-powered videoconferencing at low prices, making it easier for medical professionals to collaborate. The Reacts platform is said to bring the performance of expensive videoconferencing systems, which often require special equipment and dedicated rooms, to standard, off-the-shelf desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

“With Reacts, health professionals can teach, supervise and provide remote care as if they are right next to their patients, colleagues and other professionals,” said Dr. Yanick Beaulieu.

Despite who uses the system, no personal health data resides on the system – all information stays at the hospital, clinic or location in which it originated. Reacts is strictly the bridge that connects various users.

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