IGA raised more than $332,000 for the Montreal Heart Institute



April 11, 2018

More than $9 million raised to celebrate our jade anniversary

The “$2 does the heart good” campaign took place from February 1st to 21st in 293 IGA stores in Quebec and New Brunswick. This year marked the 35th anniversary of the partnership between IGA and the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation and over that time, nearly $9 million has been raised for the Foundation.

An overview of the “$2 does the heart good” fundraising campaign:

  • IGA has been loyal to the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation for 35 years. That is the jade anniversary.
  • Over the years, IGA has raised nearly $9 million for the Foundation.
  • New this year: because fruits are both delicious and good for the heart, IGA generously gave a fruit to every client who donated two dollars or more.
  • Over the three weeks of the campaign, 138,393 fruits were eaten in honour of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation!
  • When it comes to the heart, the best medicine is prevention: the funds raised will, among other things, finance programs to help the general public and decisionmakers become more aware of the effects of cardiovascular disease and methods of prevention.



“I’m proud to say that IGA has been helping to keep the hearts of Quebeckers healthy for the past 35 years. Our merchants and clients are people with a lot of heart. In this case, it’s especially true! I want to thank them 9 million times for their support this year and since our two organizations partnered up in 1983.”
- Carl Pichette, Vice President Marketing, Sobeys


“In addition to raising awareness, the “$2 does the heart good” campaign has a direct impact on the patients treated in the Montreal Heart Institute’s cardiovascular prevention department. Mr. Taguelmint is a fine example of this! After suffering a heart attack, he was looked after by a cardiologist, nutritionist, and kinesiologist. They helped him stop smoking and completely change his dietary habits. The treasured partnership between IGA and the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation changes the lives of patients every day!”
- Josée Noiseux, President and CEO of the Montreal Heart Institute Foudnation

IGA renet plus de 332 000 $ à l'Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal