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Partners and Donors




Martial G. Bourassa Award 2018

For 20 years, the Foundation has been honoured to recognize the excellence of young clinical and fundamental researchers at the Institute who stand out for their active participation in scientific life.

Each year, a young researcher is given the very special distinction of the Martial G. Bourassa Award.

This year, the Martial G. Bourassa Award was presented to Dr. Catherine Martel.

It is important for the Foundation to support the Institute in its mission of research so that specialists and researchers continue to make discoveries that change the lives of patients.

Dr. Martial G. Bourassa, emeritus cardiologist who has worked more than 47 years at the Institute, is the instigator of the Bourassa Awards. He championed new coronarography techniques in North America and Europe and he was the first research director and founder of the Institute's Desmarais Family Research Centre.

Bal du Coeur 2018 Scholarship

The Bal du Coeur, a fundraising activity of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, was implemented by Mr. Tony Meti to ensure the sustainability of a scholarship program for the academic development of physicians.

This year, the Bal du Coeur Scholarship was awarded to Dr. Julia Cadrin-Tourigny, Dr. Émilie Lévesque, Dr. David Puissant and Dr. François Simard.

The Bal du Coeur fund is aimed at promoting and financially supporting the fellows as part of their postgraduate studies. By encouraging continuing education, the award also aims to contribute to the development of the fellow's field of expertise. In doing so, the Montreal Heart Institute continues its tradition of excellence to maintain its position as a leader among the world's leading cardiology centres.

Annual Conference 2018

The 2018 edition of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation annual conference, with 188 in attendance, took place on May 25 at the Leonardo da Vinci Centre. For the first time, it was preceded by a VIP cocktail, primarily for the members of the Cercle des visionnaires and people accompanying the Foundation in planned giving. The President of the Montreal Heart Institute, Madame Mélanie La Couture, the Chief Executive Office of the Foundation, Mrs. Josée Noiseux, Dr. Anique Ducharme and Mr. Jean Gravel had the pleasure to speak to the guests and thank them for their loyal and generous support dedicated to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine.

Thanks to all the participants for their support and enthusiasm for this evening!

Cocktail VIP Cocktail VIP  Conférence annuelle de la Fondation 22 mai Nos conférenciersCocktail VIP