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Organizing a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation has never been so easy!

Are you planning to organize a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation? Do you have plenty of ideas and a generous heart? Active-toi avec coeur is an online platform that allows you to solicit the support of your loved ones for the cause that is dear to you.

The funds raised through the Active-toi avec cœur program are used to support the Montreal Heart Institute’s innovative and important projects, as well as research that advances the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

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Runners and walkers: support the cause, and take part in Cours pour le Cœur.

Why get involved?

  • The Montreal Heart Institute treats over 68,000 patients a year who come from all over Quebec
  • There’s strength in numbers! Your participation is vital if the Institute is going to achieve excellence in research, prevention and ultra-specialized care
  • By putting your heart into it, you become part of a dedicated community that you can count on, a community with whom you can share and grow together
  • Generosity has many faces. Your time and commitment are just as valuable as any donation
  • Getting involved is good for your soul. Life is all about giving and receiving.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks!

For more information, contact Marie-Pierre Lafortune: 514 376-3330, ext. 3239,