The Foundation



Our history

The mission of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation is to raise and administer funds to support the Institute's priority and innovative projects and help its fight against cardiovascular disease, the number-one cause of death worldwide. 

A vital force

Since its creation in 1977, the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation has worked hard to turn dreams into reality for researchers and employees at the MHI, helping them to push the boundaries of research, care, prevention and teaching. The MHI Foundation contributes to the advancement of key projects at the Montreal Heart Institute.

Key partner for the Institute

The Foundation raises and administers funds for the MHI to help it fulfil its mission of fighting cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death worldwide. It strives to meet the MHI’s priority needs by granting physicians and researchers the funding they need to achieve great things. 

Nearly $260 million

Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than $283 million for the MHI. Innovative projects funded by the Foundation have yielded tangible results, facilitating the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases, particularly through the use of less invasive, more preventive techniques that are always on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.


  • More than 27,000 donors per year
  • An average of $10 million in donations annually
  • A donations of $23.7 million in 2018-2019 
  • Strict management that limits administrative costs

The Montreal Heart Institute is...

  • An ultraspecialized cardiology hospital founded in 1954 and affiliated with Université de Montreal
  • A hospital that treats close to 68,000 patients from across Quebec each year
  • The largest preventive medicine centre in Canada
  • The leading cardiovascular teaching hospital in Quebec
  • The first hospital in Canada to be named a “Health Promoting Hospital” by the World Health Organization

A world-class facility

The Montreal Heart Institute has a reputation for providing quality care that rivals that of world-class cardiology hospitals, such as the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, in the United States, and the Thorax Center, in the Netherlands.

  • The MHI is one of the few hospitals to participate in studies funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
  • On average, researchers publish 180 scientific articles per year, most of which in prestigious international journals.
  • For over 20 years now, as part of the Interventional Cardiology Symposium, the MHI has broadcast some 30 live interventions to over 600 participants worldwide.