Smoking: the number one cause of cardiovascular disease

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Smoking is the singular cause of 50% of all cases of cardiovascular disease, such as angina, aneurysm and blocked arteries. Of all the positive lifestyles changes you could make, quitting smoking is by far the best one for your health.

After one year without smoking
your risk of heart will be 50% lower.

Each time you inhale cigarette smoke, toxic substances and carbon monoxide are released into your body, causing a number of harmful effects including constricted arteries, accelerated heart rate, decreased blood oxygen levels, formation of blood clots, increased bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreased good cholesterol (HDL).

It doesn’t take long to see the positive effects of quitting smoking — a matter of a few hours. One year after smoking his last cigarette, a former smoker’s risk of heart disease will have dropped by 50%. Fifteen years after quitting, it’ll be like he never smoked — surprising, right? So, when will you butt out for good?

With the cooperation of Heidi Claveau, smoking cessation nurse

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