The benefits of aqua fitness



Think of Your Heart chronicles by , June 3, 2014 - 13:30

In general, aqua fitness improves balance and provides a feeling of well-being. The cardiovascular benefits of exercising in the water are similar to those of conventional training on dry land. Athletes, obese people and seniors can be plagued by a number of different muscle and joint problems caused by sport injuries or aging.

Aqua fitness: risk-free and safer

Whether or not they have heart problems, these individuals can especially benefit from the advantages of aqua fitness, which improves cardiac function, reduces the impact on joints and tendons, and eases joint pain (due to arthritis and osteoarthritis). For example, aqua fitness can allow an injured athlete to resume his or her training program risk-free (rehabilitation/reathletization) and an obese person to exercise safer. The next time you head to the pool, make some waves!

Contributed by Dr. Mathieu Gayda (Ph.D.) , Centre ÉPIC