Montreal Heart Institute announces COLCORONA trial in patients with COVID-19 passes futility test in interim analysis

June 30, 2020

Colchicine, a common drug to treat gout, is being evaluated as a potential treatment in the fight against coronavirus

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FDA and Health Canada Approve Thermedical’s Degassed Saline to Help Reduce Risk of Stroke

June 16, 2020

Montreal Heart Institute First to use New Degassed Saline During Innovative Cardiac Ablation Procedure

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Ms. Sonia Heppell receives the Dr. Denis Roy Award for Excellence in Nursing

June 4, 2020

The Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) is proud to announce that Ms. Sonia Heppell has received the Dr. Denis Roy Award for Excellence in Nursing. This new award, which was made possible thanks to Dr. Denis Roy and donors of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation (MHIF), was created to honour a member of the nursing staff who has stood out thanks to the excellence of their work. More specifically, the award acknowledges initiatives that improve practices and the care provided to patients as well as those that encourage and recognize the exceptional work of the MHI’s nursing staff.

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